More about VMCoach

Behind the VMCoach© Software

  • We combine current scientific findings from value management with years of project experience and thus help you to increase value in your company.
  • We see our task in showing you innovative and successful ways through an external view: In product development, production, service, design, management and transformation.
  • We set up an IT software environment enabling to program, test and feedback on customer features.
  • We work agile for rapid iterations and high level of stability.

Our services / solutions for you

  • Certified trainings for VM / VE
  • VMC software for guided VM / VE projects
  • Consulting for Value Engineering
  • Enabling transformation for value thinking
  • Townhall speeches for value culture

What is the benefit of value engineering / value management?


  • reduction of product/ project costs by 15 – 30%
  • reduction of overhead (up to 25% cost savings)
  • optimizing construction costs and investment projects 20 – 40%
  • reduction of complaint costs by 20 – 30%


  • products according to the voice of customer needs (no over-engineering) & tailor-made functional fulfillment
  • improvement of quality
  • Benchmark product features against the competition
  • increase in competitiveness in the market (increase sales by 100%)


  • securing the supply chain through product adaptations
  • increase in resource efficiency – cross functional teams
  • process simplification (throughput times minus 10 – 30%)
  • increasing the efficiency of order processing
  • shorter time-to-market from pre-project phase to delivery
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